Is Your School Attracting The Right Kind of Customers?

Advanced Digital Marketing Technologies for International Schools in Japan

Digital Marketing Services for Schools in Japan

Attract more visitors to your website. Turn them into paying customers. Increase your student enrollments.

JC Digital is a boutique Digital Marketing agency, serving international businesses in Japan.

Jeff Crawford, Digital Marketer in Japan

"I am an American father living in Tokyo since 2004. And like every father, I want what's best for my kids. But as a technologist, I look at various websites for international schools in Tokyo, and I am disappointed by what I see. Even though schools I visit put maximum effort into raising their kids, that effort is lost on their websites. Their websites are slow, with poor SEO, poor conversion techniques, and a neglect of the latest technologies available. If you are a school administrator, chances are your school is missing out on a huge opportunity to increase student enrollment."

"Sure, you can say our 'school relies on word of mouth' or  'our reputation speaks for itself'. I can't argue with that. But international parents, whether living in Japan, or moving in from overseas, are much more likely to search the web and make a decision in their mind before they contact you. With so many schools in Japan, you need to stand out from the crowd online just to get your school noticed.​ "

"At JC Digital, we take the time to understand your school's specific needs.  Then we apply the right Digital Marketing techniques, measure results with Analytics, then optimize again. Together, we'll establish your school's online presence, target the ideal parents, get more them in the door, and increase your enrollment rates. And best of all, you can go back to doing what you love, which is spending more time with your kids at your school." - Jeff Crawford

Who We Serve

At JC Digital, we do what it takes to make International Schools in Japan be successful with their Online Marketing efforts. We serve:

  • International Preschools
  • International Elementary Schools (K-6)
  • International Junior & Senior High Schools

What We Do

Based on your needs, we can employ a range of techniques to get more students into your classrooms

We advertise on Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

PPC Advertising

Need new parents to fill up a class before the start of a new semester? We are experts in running online Pay-per-click Campaigns in Search, Display, Video, and Social. We also do Retargeting to bring customers back to your web site again and again. Whether it's Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn, we have the knowhow to make your ad campaign successful. We are Google Adwords Certified.

We do Conversion Optimization, CRO and Landing Page Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Many school administrators don't realized that getting potential customers (parents) to your website is only half the battle. Most international schools don't understand what it takes to convert a lead into a paying customer. We have the experience in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and A/B Testing to turn those visits into happy supportive parents of your school. 

We are experts at Email List Building and Marketing Automation

Email List Building

Talk to the experts in the field, and they all say the same thing. The most important asset you have online is your email list. Work with us, and together we'll build an large email list, or CRM, of highly engaged parents that keep coming back to your website for more. These parents can become fans of your school, and introduce others. This can lead to viral growth. It's all possible with email list management.

We do Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing


Whether is Preschools, Elementary or High schools, you are likely to have many competitors online. So how do you make your international school in Japan stand out? We have experience in "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) to make your online brand stand out from the crowd. Our proven techniques will build authority, and create a steady stream of inbound parents looking for classes for their children.

We do Local SEO, and get get you into the Google 3-Pack

Local Marketing

As a school, you are a local business. But do you feel confident customers in your area are finding your business online? At JC Digital, we are experts in Local Advertising, so we can target the right people (parents) in your local area. We’ll make sure your business has a strong Local “Online Presence”, such that customers can find you easily, and trust your services.

We can consult on Social Media Strategies

Social Media

Everyone says you need to have a "social strategy", but but few schools understand what it takes. Hint: just having a Facebook Page is not enough. Whether your students or parents hang out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, we'll develop a strategy that links you to where your customers hang out, and build a happy engaged fan base.

At JC Digital, we are experts in Analytics in Japan


At JC Digital, we are "data nerds". We love to chomp on data, look for trends and outliers, and point out new opportunities for your business. And we can roll complex data into easy to read reports that allow you to track your school's progress, and take action when needed. Of course, we are Google Analytics Certified.

We Develop Websites in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and more

Custom Web Sites

We are experts in WordPress, and can create a high converting website in just a few days. We create multilingual websites with the features you demand. Are you interested in doing it yourself (DIY)? No problem. We can deliver a website using Wix, Squarespace or Jimdo, then turn it over to you for your own safekeeping. We can also make easy for you to post your own contents, or urgent notifications.

We have years of experience localizing software


International students don't just come to Japan from an English speaking country. These days, you need a multilingual website that will appeal to parents reading native English, Japanese, Chinese or even Korean. At JC Digital, we have experience shipping global software and building Multilingual websites. We can guide you to avoid mistakes early that result in problems later on.

About Us

Our Mission

To empower everyday businesses with Technology & Data. Then Optimize processes to obtain real business Results.

Our Values
  • Customer Focus: We listen carefully to our client's needs.
  • Problem Solving: Ultimately, we see ourselves as a team the can apply technology to solve a problem.
  • Integrity: We do our absolute best to meet your expectations and hold to our commitments.
  • Honesty: We are very open and honest about what we do. If we can't meet your needs, we will gladly suggest an alternative.
Meet Jeff Crawford
Jeff Crawford, Digital Marketer in Japan

Jeff Crawford is the founder of JC Digital Consulting in Japan, and Connect-Local LLC based in the US.

Jeff has developed user friendly software aimed at millions of people for companies such as Apple and Microsoft in Silicon Valley.

Jeff has lived in Tokyo since 2004, working for MSN Japan and Adobe Systems Japan managing teams in Japan, China & Korea. He speaks native English and business level Japanese.

For more information about Jeff, go HERE.​ 

Jun Tsuji

It was great to work with Jeff at Adobe when he was a Group Manager. He is totally good at building a plan/process, execute it and improve. Also, as a people manager, he always pays attention to his employees progress and career development by giving appropriate guidance to them. His Japanese language skill is good at business level. I would highly recommend him.